Who We Are

Welcome to the AFM Community. We’re a humble group of citizens who are passionate about building strong communities – the kind that make this nation great.

This site isn’t about pushing one political view or another; it’s about bringing awareness to the power each of us has to create the kind of environment we want to live in, at a local level. For us, it’s not just about the President in office or the majority leader in the House and Senate; it’s about what’s happening close to home that affects you most.

America truly is the land of the free and we have incredible power at our voting fingertips, if we’d only get involved. If you ever have the privilege to speak to an immigrant who was raised in another country, such as Vietnam for instance, they will quickly tell you that living here is nothing like living there because of the freedom we have to say what we feel without severe consequence. It’s a remarkable thing.

And we want to see that freedom and privilege preserved by encouraging people to vote and get educated about how they can get involved in their local communities to create the kind of town or village they can be proud of.

I invite you to join our conversation or share your feedback here!

– Suzanne Franklin, Community Manager