What Makes a Neighborhood Great

Neighborhoods don’t become enviable simply by coincidence. It takes a group of concerned residents to channel their creativity and diverse ideas to make any neighborhood a great and safe place to live. Let’s be honest, building up your local neighborhood may have become the least of your priorities in this digitally connected, busy world. But once you recognize that a great neighborhood not only keeps your family safe, but also raises your home value and brings more joy to your community experience, you’ll come to realize that taking care of your neighborhood, participating in community activities and taking pride in your neighborhood is an experience worth having.

Why Care About Living in a Great Neighborhood

A nice neighborhood is a place that beckons you to enjoy it, to visit with your neighbors who become lifelong friends, to enjoy the scenic landscape views and the ambient lighting at night that make you feel like this is the place I love to spend my hours and days.

In contrast, a place that has litter all over looks unwelcoming and feels abandoned. A neighborhood like this is unattractive and usually becomes unsafe because it deters caring, vested residents and instead attracts folks with questionable motives. You can’t find a perfect neighborhood anywhere in the world, you have to help make it that way.

Making a good neighborhood is easier than you’d think. Here is a compiled list of some ways to contribute to your neighborhood and play a role in making it great.

Serve your neighborhood: there is always a need for hedges to be trimmed in your neighborhood or sidewalks to be swept or maybe lawns to be moved. You can take an hour or two on weekends to help pick up the slack when neighbors are busy. Rake their leaves for them, shovel their walkways, pick up litter off your shared streets– every little bit helps. Help people in every possible way and the people around you will feel blessed to have you and likely return the favor in some way too. This is how great neighborly relationships are forged and how to keep up the overall spirit of community pride. You can serve your neighbors by sharing useful links like www.stcharlestubrefinishing.com.

Know your neighbors: getting to know the people around you is foundational. The ability to communicate with friends and family is improving day by day with the help of far-reaching social network but we often overlook the people in our neighborhood. Once you socialize with your neighbors it makes and great differences that increase the sense of community that goes far beyond sharing a street you live in. so greet your neighbors with a simple, ask their names and their hobby or specific job.

Initiate a healthy competition: A healthy competition and a common enemy are the things that bring people closer. Take an initiative and hold a low stake competition for festive lawn decoration or best-kept lawn. And entertain the winner with some drinks and cookies. People would definitely love to invest some time in maintaining their yard or lawn and it will boost the curb appeal of your good neighborhood. Plus, it’s more fun when you’re tackling a hard project like this together!

Foster a new tradition: just start neighborhood traditions that will make people look forward to that tradition every year. Just like Halloween where children love to show their fancy costumes, begin trick or treating all together, and eat hot dogs. It’s kind of time where unity is seen among larger communities and families celebrate a good time together. Just like that introduce a tradition in your own community like spring garage sale day or forth of June block party. It will make people feel more entertained and invested in your neighborhood.

Make community spaces: to create a connection and pride in your neighborhood, develop a play space for kids or a community garden that will foster the creativity and unity among all age groups living in that area. This way, the community members will run into each other more often and eventually they will get to know each other in a better way.

Celebrate the children in the neighborhood: the real lifeblood of the neighborhood is children and it won’t be fair to simply brush off those kids. They are the ones who spend more time in the neighborhood and know about the neighborhood better than the adults in their homes. Plan a giant birthday party or a school get-together party for the kids in your neighborhood. Take care of them in a way that even the youngest member of your community feels seen and loved.

Start a block safety watch: to keep your neighborhood saves from common enemies or burglar with a coordinating effort will go a long way and is in benefit of every individual living there. Find a different way to run a neighborhood watch and choose the best one for your neighborhood. A happy neighborhood should be a safe neighborhood as well.

Treat others as you want to be treated: this is the golden rule that will make a huge impact in your life and will make your neighborhood a happy place. Don’t litter the street and pick up the trash if you see it anywhere. Invite people on lunch, help them with groceries, send birthday gifts, and spread kindness and love everywhere.

Make a committee for care watch: just like block watch, care watch will help the people in the time of distress. When there is a tragedy or some neighbor is having a really bad time, care watch will respond in a way to put them at comfort. If someone loses a loved one to death or is bedridden due to severe accident or injury, care watch committee should organize a meal to divert their attention from the problem. This would be the nicest act of kindness one can do and remember you get what you served. Have compassion for others so people will have compassion for you an hour of need.

Improve communication: To avoid isolation, make a list of name, number, and addresses of the whole block, and mail that to the whole block. Make a Facebook group where you can interact with every individual if they feel comfortable. Announce the dates and details of upcoming events and news via a Facebook post. Communicate with your community members and make your community a hostile place to live in.