Fun Things to Do At Your Local Park District

On a beautiful day, you may get annoyed seeing your children glued to the couch playing video games or seeing them being a couch potato all the time. It’s high time to get them up and explore some exciting fun activities taking place in your local park. You can always find ample adventure there even if your budget is tight or limited. Plan an outing for your kids or the whole family and take advantage of your neighborhood green space, recreational area, or some expansive park near your house. For some free, recreational, and cheap fun, go out in sun for a while.

Below is a list of fun activities you will love to do at your local park district.

Get Everyone Moving At The Playground

You can perform a number of activities at your district park that goes beyond some classic playground activities and a swing set. Hit your nearest community park and your kids will love to have a blast navigating obstacles in their way to hiking or fortress, scrambling up rope nets, monkey bars, giant slides, mini rock climbing, and pint-sized zip lines. So all you need is some sun screen, juices, water, snacks, and passion. This way you can help your child build agility, confidence, strength, active life style, and laughers all the way.

Set Up A Challenge

The wide open spaces parks provide is best for hosting an obstacle course or race or other challenges that involve all the family members. Bring some simple props and break up into teams to set up your own family field day. It could include an egg and spoon challenge, hula hoops, soccer ball, tug of wars or a three-legged race. For more adventure find a park that offers zip line, rock climbing or a canopy tour.

Scavenger Hunt

If you want to explore all areas of your park in a relatively short time then scavenger hunt is the ideal deal for you. All you need to do is divide the members into teams and make a list of things they have to find at that local park. Give each time a bag to collect the items along with the list. You can also give those aids like camera, pencil and etc. after that decide a meetup place and the team who arrives before rest of them with all the items in their bag will win the hunt. Prize may include snacks, cupcakes or a free ticket to a movie that would be offered by the losing team.

Host A Family Reunion

If your budget is limited then the park is a wonderful budget-friendly venue to host a family get together. Some parks offers a covered pavilion with picnic tables on a first come, first served basis. There is plenty of space for kids to fend off boredom and can runaround freely. Elder people can simply sit around and reminisce. If you want something more than that then you must know that some parks also have lodges and accommodation for camping and thus you can extend the duration of family reunion beyond a single day.

Attend Special Events

District parks often host carnivals, funfairs, and special event to cater to families and hold their attention. Activities taking place in your local parks depends on the interest of people. Some people love carnivals with inflatable play objects, games, and races. Whereas state parks offer out the door and high adventure activities like fishing, orienteering, archery, and canoeing to you and your family. In holiday’s parks organize big events like parades, fireworks, winter wonderland, and Easter egg hunt.

Walk the Dog

More and more park districts are recognizing our love for our furry friends by setting up designated dog parks. Some are strictly for running leash-free and others actually have cool built-in obstacle courses for your family canine. So if your family has a pet dog, this is a great way to move both your legs and your puppy’s legs in a gated environment.

Go Sledding or Ice Skating

Many park districts in chillier parts of the country set up safe, designated areas during winter where kids and families can ice skate together on very low depth layers, so there is no risk of falling through thin ice. If your family is into skating, this is a great way to get some exercise in colder months.

Also, a lot of local parks and fields have small hills that become natural sledding slopes after snowfall. It’s a totally fun, free activity for the entire neighborhood that will keep your kiddos busy for hours In the fresh, crisp air.

Explore Nature

Many local Park Districts offer a Nature Center or Nature Walk that is run by either volunteers or city-paid staff. These places are an exciting, educational retreat for kids. They can learn about local animals, bugs, plants and more! Whether it’s a guided tour through local land or an indoor center with live animals to feed and observe, it’s sure to be fun for everyone.

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